Our binge-worthy feast of corruption, misogyny and high-risk offenders has caught the eye of industry heavyweight, ‘Mr. Television’. And Brigid doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Having relocated to Sydney early 2021, Sarah had hoped to get together in

It’s been a couple of months since the series final dropped, and plenty has happened with Use Of Force since then. So Sarah has Brigid on the line for a debrief. --- Australian support services mentioned in this episode are available

While the podcast launch date draws near, La Vérité Films is also currently developing Use of Force as a 6 part television crime drama which is already creating strong marketplace interest. For a sneak peek of the confronting story behind

Just a little bit excited to be releasing this baby out into the world. Subscribe now to Use Of Force Podcast, there’s a 5 minute introduction to the 6 episode series which will be dropping soon. Recruited into the police brotherhood,

La Vérité Films will launch the exciting new podcast Use of Force in September. It's the story of one woman's fight for survival against the police brotherhood. Filmmaker turned narrator, Sarah Hatherley introduces us to an ex NSW police investigator