Just Do It

Find out more about the slate of drama projects Sarah Hatherley has in development.

W With a passion for cinematic screen stories and an empowered business model, Sarah Hatherley established La Vérité Films in order to developed her craft as a long form writer while producing three significant short films. Her first short film, Just Do It, won an IF award for best short film before screening internationally. Her most recent productions were the Tropfest comedy, The Birth, and psychological thriller Lost Soul which premiered at the prestigious Sitges film festival in Spain. Most recently La Vérité Films produced a high end trailer / proof of concept for Sarah’s debut feature film, Domestic. Hatherley’s first limited crime series, Use of Force, is attracting strong market interest within Australia. It is currently a finalist in 2019 Final Draft Big Break International Screenwriting competition. Her other feature film screenplays include Eternity and Cocktail Harry.

High end proof of concept trailer for Domestic feature film

Sarah joined forces with the talented cinematographer Sky Davies to shoot a high end trailer for her feature film Domestic. Designed to assist in attracting marketplace interest and demonstrate Hatherley’s desire to connect deeply with audiences, the trailer has already opened many doors and opportunities. The power and the passion for female driven screen stories that reveal a different world view, has caught the attention of an industry always searching for the next big thing. Sarah believes the female lens provides a captivating twist on every genre.

Shot on location across Victoria, Sarah teamed up with cinematographer Joel Betts to capture the scale and intimacy of the unfolding drama of Lost Soul. With a brooding score by Malcolm McDowell and deft editing by Tim Parrington, the results are breathtaking. Tony Rogers helped pull together an extraordinary crew for the cinematic short, sharing the producing load with Sarah.