La Verite Films

Launching September 2020

La Vérité Films will launch the exciting new podcast Use of Force in September. It’s the story of one woman’s fight for survival against the police brotherhood. Filmmaker turned narrator, Sarah Hatherley introduces us to an ex NSW police investigator who recounts her story of being an idealistic teenager recruited into the brotherhood at the start of the 1990’s Royal Commission into Police Corruption, discovering a world of violence, intimidation and lawlessness. And that was just in the office. Together they unpack the circumstances that, 16 years later, led to her landing in a live-in police PTSD ward in a rural psychiatric hospital attempting to revive her shattered career.

An explosive exposé of the police brotherhood by a female insider.

The 6-episodes dramatised podcast series was co-produced by Hatherley and David Curry and developed by La Vérité Films.

A TV series Use of Force written by Hatherley is also in development.