The Birth

Laugh out loud comedy, The Birth premiered at Tropfest in 2017.

J   Just 6 weeks in gestation, from conceiving the idea to delivering the film The Birth was written, directed and edited by Sarah. It also screened at Holly Shorts in LA before securing international representation. Working with producing partner Tony Rogers to assemble a brilliant crew, including cinematographer Liam Gilmour, Sarah cast the marvelous Marg Downey as the unsuspecting midwife caught up in a home birth gone wrong. Dana Miltins gave a horrifyingly realistic performance delivering up comedic gold with the hapless father-to-be Glenn Maynard. Watch the full 7 minute short film below.


When an optimistic couple (Glenn Maynard and Dana Miltins) embark on a natural water birth, the birthing plan quickly goes out the window as unexpected complications develop for our new mother.