In the final episode of Use of Force, Brigid discovers the dark secret threatening to cast a shadow over the Sydney Olympic Games. Revealing the shocking true extent of the force’s failures towards teenage sexual assault victims, while reflecting on her shattered career, corruption and her father’s legacy.

Going deeper into the web of corruption at the heart of the New South Wales police force, Brigid reveals the unexpected dangers awaiting her at her first station, and we unpack the trauma of her epic struggle with the brotherhood. Subscribe now to be ready for our weekly drops of the rest of the series.

Meet Brigid White, ex NSW police investigator and 16 year veteran of the force as she starts us on a journey to discover how an idealistic young woman, fighting to do the right thing, ended up mentally and physically wrecked, in a live-in police PTSD ward, trying to piece together her shattered life. Subscribe now to keep up with our weekly drops of the rest of the series.

While the podcast launch date draws near, La Vérité Films is also currently developing Use of Force as a 6 part television crime drama which is already creating strong marketplace interest. For a sneak peek of the confronting story behind both the TV series and the podcast, check out TELEVISION via the main menu or Click here .

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Just a little bit excited to be releasing this baby out into the world. Subscribe now to Use Of Force Podcast, there’s a 5 minute introduction to the 6 episode series which will be dropping soon. Recruited into the police brotherhood, this is one woman’s story of violence, intimidation and lawlessness - and that’s just in the office. Available on Apple, Google, Spotify and more. Co-produced by David Curry. Use of Force is a La Vérité Films production.

La Vérité Films will launch the exciting new podcast Use of Force in September. It's the story of one woman's fight for survival against the police brotherhood. Filmmaker turned narrator, Sarah Hatherley introduces us to an ex NSW police investigator who recounts her story of being an idealistic teenager recruited into the brotherhood at the start of the 1990's Royal Commission into Police Corruption, discovering a world of violence, intimidation and lawlessness. And that was just in the office. Together